A South Philly native, Gabe McCarthy joined the Monarchs at age 11. Even at a young age, Gabe was self-motivated and stood out due to his constant desire to learn and improve. After a stellar career at Friends Select High School, Gabe decided to leave the playing field behind and apply his love of a learning to a global setting. He earned a scholarship that allowed him to spend a year in Ecuador teaching English. Upon his return, Gabe enrolled in the honors program at the Community College of Philadelphia. In addition, he enrolled in the Up2Us Coaches Training Program. As an Up2Us Coach, Gabe is working directly with the Anderson Monarchs, providing 15-20 hours of coaching each week for our Travel baseball teams and In-House Leagues. He also receives monthly professional development from Up2Us, and attended their four day Coaches Training Institute in Chicago. 

We asked Gabe what he likes the most about coaching and he had this to say:

"Developing relationships with the kids. I know when I was that age I looked up to older players but I was also intimidated. Now we are at the point where the players feel comfortable approaching me to talk or ask about anything so I know things are going well. They trust me to give good advice, and I trust them to follow through."

We're excited to have Gabe coaching with us through the end of 2018, and we look forward to seeing all the great work he'll do with the Monarchs and beyond!