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10-week leagues that introduce children in grades K-2 to the basics of sports. We offer seasonal leagues for soccer, basketball and baseball. Outreach is conducted at public and charter schools in South Philadelphia and games and practices take place on weekday evenings at local recreation centers. The focus of this program is to develop fundamental skills and an understanding of rules of the game; to begin learning about teamwork, hustle, communication and playing with class; and to foster a lifelong appreciation of physical activity. Leagues are managed by Monarchs staff with assistance from parents and volunteers. Players who demonstrate significant interest in the sport, as well as some level of athletic competence and an ability to work well with coaches and peers, are frequently invited to join the Anderson Monarchs travel program.


A year-round sports program that begins in 3rd grade. Players are selected based on interest and attitude. A cohort of 12-15 players stays together year-round, playing soccer, futsal (indoor soccer) basketball, and baseball together in city and suburban leagues. Our program focuses on both on-field and off-field success.

On the Field                                                                                                                                                                                         Monarchs staff work closely with all teams, both by direct coaching and by providing support and guidance to volunteers and parents. We teach sports at a high intellectual level, and strive to place individual players and teams in competitive environments that foster personal and group development. Our teams are known for playing smart, playing hard, and playing together. In addition to the standard sports season, teams participate in numerous tournaments and trips over their time together, providing an opportunity for bonding and unique off-field life experiences. Leadership and character development have always been core components of the Monarchs program. There are clear-cut expectations about how players, coaches, and parents will represent the program, and coaches use sports as a tool to build leadership skills and develop positive character traits.  

Off the Field                                                                                                                                                                                           At each step of their journey, players and families are provided with support in navigating educational transitions. For instance, middle-school-age players and families receive workshops on the high school selection process; exposure to a range of high school options, including campus visits and seminars from school representatives; and support with applications to select admission private and public high schools. High school students receive SAT prep classes, advice on preparing for life in college, and support navigating the athletic recruitment and college application process. Families of all players are eligible to apply for additional educational support in the form of school application fees, test costs, expenses associated with enrichment camps and programs, and tuition.