May 2018: The Power of Downtime

When we talk to current and former Monarchs, some common themes seem to always come up: a sense of family; an appreciation for hard work and self-improvement; exposure to multiple sports; and the opportunity to learn from others, especially caring adults and older players who serve as mentors and role models.

This video, taken inside the Ryan Howard Training Center, has it all: older and younger players interacting in an informal setting and creating bonds; teammates working out with one another and pushing eachother to get better; youth playing multiple sports; and at the very end, a player reaching out to a coach for help. The essence of the Monarchs, condensed to half a minute on a Saturday afternoon.


March 2018: This is Monarchs Basketball

Why would we post a basketball video that includes three missed shots in 19 seconds? Because this play demonstrates everything we love to see from our kids: patience, selflessness, focus, and tenacity. Qualities that mean so much on the court, in the classroom, and in life.

Congrats to our 10U team for an outstanding season. Keeping working hard, having fun, and playing the game the right way!